Naim Sutherland


Naim is a passionate cinematographer focusing on creating striking, emotive images. He has won 5 “Best Cinematography” awards including Best Cinematography in a Motion Picture at the 2016 Leo Awards for the feature film MERMAID’S SONG, as well as the 2015 Vancouver Short Film Festival Best Cinematography Award and the 2014 Leo Award for Best Cinematography in a Short Drama. Naim has a close focus on story, and all his visual decisions stem from the emotional context of the narrative, and to that end he offers integral cinematic consultation on achieving precise looks and feelings to each project. Naim is adept at using tools that fit the scope and budget. For the past two seasons Naim was a Cinematographer on the CW anthology series TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES. Naim’s next project will integrate motion capture of live circus performances against “The Volume” LCD wall running Unreal Engine 5 into a live stream for traditional 2d screens as well as VR.