This is the story of a man, and his dog

It's Bruno!

1 Season

A comedy series about the misadventures of Malcolm, a man living in New York, and his most treasured companion, a puggle named Bruno. Malcolm refuses to let anyone on their Bushwick block treat Bruno any less than the good boy that he is. So when competition arises, from adoring ladies, to angry neighbors, and even stuck up local business owners, Malcolm and Bruno face them together, demonstrating the unbreakable connection between a human and his pet. more

This is the Story of a Man, and his Dog
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This is the Story of a Man, and his Dog

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Emmy ® Nominated

Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series

It’s Bruno! • Netflix • Stage 13 and Phiphen Pictures

  • Solvan “Slick” Naim, Executive Producer
  • Molly Conners, Producer
  • Amanda Bowers, Producer
  • Vincent Morano, Producer