Amy Do Thurlow


Amy Thurlow is a writer and filmmaker currently living in Los Angeles, California. Amy has worked in television for many years. She started her career as a Writers’ PA on the groundbreaking show GOSSIP GIRL and is currently a Freelance Writer and Writers’ Assistant on TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES for CW. Her other credits include AMERICANAH, THE GOOD WITCH, SLEEPY HOLLOW, WITCHES OF EAST END, KRYPTON and NO TOMORROW. Amy graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in Film and Television Production. Her work has been recognized by the Sundance Institute, Austin Film Festival and Final Draft Big Break Contest. Outside of writing, Amy has a myriad of interests including performing the occasional stand up routine, teaching friends how to cook the perfect roast chicken, and deciding to run marathons even though she hates running.