Leon Hendrix III

"Bag Man"

 Writer-director Leon Hendrix was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. He studied theater, journalism and film at Hampton University, a Historically Black University. An Academy of TV Arts and Sciences fellow, and Fox HBCU Media Alliance member, Leon soon entered Columbia University where he wrote his pilot, Wake, and developed a tv project with Tom Fontana (Creator, Oz, City On A Hill). 

In 2015, Leon joined Film Independent’s Project Involve as a writing fellow. The following spring he was awarded a spot in the Fox TV Writer’s Intensive and, later that year he was named a Universal Pictures Emerging Writer’s Fellow. 

His script White Devils made The Hit List and The Black List in 2017. Leon is attached to direct. 

Currently, Leon is developing a feature version of his short horror story, Albatross, to write and produce both with Skybound (The Walking Dead) and adapting and directing Wolf, a crime thriller for XYZ Films. He is also producing his co-written tv political thriller series, Spook, along with David Ayer’s Cedar Park and eOne and writing a pilot for Chris and Heather McQuarrie (Mission Impossible: Fallout), Malcolm Spellman (Empire) and Gaumont (Narcos). 

Leon writes dramas and genre stories that push new cultural perspectives into the mainstream. In his spare time, Leon works with “at-risk” youth and families with special needs, travels, and explores the outdoors. 

Currently, you can catch his episodes of the CW anthology Two Sentence Horror Stories entitled Hide and Only Child on Netflix.