Gigi Saul Guerrero


Gigi is commonly known for her gritty Tex-Mex style with a touch of grindhouse gore in her filmmaking. She was born and raised in Mexico City by a family of artists and now resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Gigi was recognized in 2016 by Women In Film + Television Vancouver (WIFTV), receiving the Innovation Award for her dedication to her craft and influence on women in the industry. She is a prolific filmmaker on the rise and has directed over 16 shorts including the viral hit A Luchagore Christmas featured by famed horror director Eli Roth. She has also directed the segment Dia De Los Muertos (part of the feature anthology Mexico Barbaro), M is for Matador (which is included in the ABC’s of Death 2.5), and lastly, the fan favorite El Gigante, recognized internationally by the horror community. Gigi is the female creative force behind Luchagore Productions, which mixes audience-driven horror with a heavy dose of Latin culture, delighting and entertaining global audiences everywhere.