Cesar Mazariegos


Stage 13 Original HIGH & MIGHTY is written by Cesar Mazariegos, a DC native and a graduate of the fancy and expensive NYU Film Program. After receiving his degree, he bummed around NYC for a while, wrote some specs, sold a screenplay, walked dogs, and surfed on waves of unemployment benefits. He finally moved to LA two years ago in hopes of making it as a comedy writer or bartender. Luckily, the former is working out. A month after arriving, he was selected to write for the CBS Diversity Showcase, and he was later accepted into the Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop. He’s also written viral sketches for All Def Digital and YouTube as well as funny ads and branded content for business people with money. He’s currently taking meetings like a big shot, which means he MUST be talented. Or he’s really dope at blackmail. Either way, he should be a millionaire any day now.