S1E1 – Don’t You Know You’re Toxic?

Josué Argüelles is the Director of Youth Initiatives for A Call to Men. Josué is responsible for facilitating Youth ACT! — a group of young leaders “Actively Committed To” promoting healthy masculinity and healthy relationships, preventing gender-based violence, and creating a better world for ALL women, girls, men, boys, Trans, LGBQ, and nonbinary people. He coordinates with various community partners, agencies, and academic institutions to advance the work of engaging youth leaders in violence prevention efforts. He is co-author of A Call to Men’s Live Respect Coaching Healthy & Respectful Manhood Curriculum, designed to prevent dating violence, sexual assault, and bullying in school and sports.

With a background in community studies and public policy, Josué worked for over a decade in California organizing and serving immigrant, youth and low-wage worker communities. As a fellow of the San Francisco Labor Leadership Institute, he worked on numerous policy campaigns at the local and statewide levels that led to many victories for immigrant, queer and Latinx communities. He is an experienced organizer with a demonstrated history of working in the nonprofit sector and skilled in strategic development, alliance building, leadership development, political campaigns, program directing and policy development and implementation. He served as director of Young Workers United and as the co-chair of the SF Progressive Workers Alliance to advance progressive labor and immigrant policies. He has served as chair for various collaboratives, coalitions and alliances that have worked to strengthened enforcement strategies and deepen community and government agency collaboration. Josué partners with students, educators, and youth advocates in middle- and high-schools and on college campuses to promote healthy and respectful manhood using A Call To Men’s Live Respect curriculum.

Josué is a 2017 recipient of the Howard Wallace Labor Leadership award, has received leadership recognition from the State and Assembly of California, the City and County of San Francisco and currently serves on the board for Make It Happen in Brooklyn, NY. He is a self-identified movement builder and shaker, works to bridge his Mexica indigenous roots and traditions with embracing healthy manhood and masculinity, and is currently based in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.