JD Dillard

"Guilt Trip"

JD Dillard is a writer/director working in LA. His breakout script The Death of John Archer Newman was featured on the Hit List, an annual collection of the industry’s highest voted screenplays, and put him on the year’s Young and Hungry list. JD and his writing partner Alex Theurer went on to set up a science fiction coming-of-age film with Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams’s production company Bad Robot. In 2016, JD’s directorial debut Sleight, a science-fiction crime thriller, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and sold to Blumhouse and WWE. The film, which JD co-wrote, was released in April 2017. JD’s Sweetheart, a survival horror film starring Kiersey Clemons and Emory Cohen, is produced by Blumhouse. JD is attached to an upcoming Star Wars project.