Two Sentence Horror StoriesTwo Sentence Horror Stories

PS01, EP01 (41:34)

Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic?

Welcome to the premiere of Two Sentence Horror Stories: The Podcast, a Stage 13 original series that is an immersion into the unique worlds created by each episode of the hit anthology series on The CW and Netflix. Hosts Danielle Radford and Megan Rosati are joined by writer-director Chase Joynt to talk about filming the season 3 episode “Toxic” in the woods at night, his feature film ‘Framing Agnes’—which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival— and how to detract bears from a production set! Plus, Josué Argüelles, Director of Youth Initiatives at A Call to Men, joins the discussion to shed light on how men can better hold each other accountable and create healthier connections to their masculinity.