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Behind The Camera With The Cast

Hear from the talent behind High & Mighty

Hear from the talent behind High & Mighty on HBO!

Creator/Writer: Cesar Mazariegos (The Simpsons, Deception)
Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada (Blindspotting)
Cast: Jorge Diaz (The Long Road Home, East Los High), James Eckhouse (The Avengers, S.W.A.T., All The Way, Beverly Hills 90210), Shakira Barrera (Glow, Rosewood), and Chelsea Rendon (Vida, Bright)

After years of being perpetually stoned and a drunk lovable loser, Chelo Chavez, needs to get his act together before he loses his girlfriend, Angie. As he weighs the pros and cons of a sober life, Chelo survives a vicious shooting unscathed, and is shocked to discover that he has super powers… but only when he’s drunk or high. Really drunk. And really high.

Stream #HighAndMighty on HBO Dec. 14.