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ET interviews Ryan O’Connell and Punam Patel about the final season of ‘Special’

June 25, 2021

Entertainment Tonight: Congrats on season 2. Now that it’s done, how do you feel about what you were able to achieve with the series?

Ryan O’Connell: I feel great. I mean, look, I’m really proud of season 1. I think there’s some really amazing moments in it, but I feel like as a whole, as a creator, I felt like I was squishing a half-hour show into 15 minutes. So there are certain moments that couldn’t really resonate or breathe the way that I wanted them to. So, again, I’m obsessed with season 1, but season 2, to me, feels like a fully realized version of the show that I had always wanted to tell. And that’s why I’m such a little b*tch to Netflix about expanding to half an hour. I just knew that this was always a half-hour show and it was kind of like creative blue balls to kind of try to fit it into the short form space. So, season 2 to me is, like, I’m obsessed with it. I really feel proud of it. We worked really hard on it and it tells a really complete story.

Punam Patel: “I feel super proud of it. And to be quite honest, I feel a little spoiled now because I was telling Ryan, with the show coming out, it was just so exciting because people were posting all these pictures and memories. And it was also kind of bittersweet because I was like, “Oh no. What if I’m never on a set like this again?” Because it really was such a unique set.”

With “Special‘s” second and final season having been released on May 20th on Netflix, creator and star Ryan O’Connell and co-star Punam Patel reminisce on love, sex, and saying goodbye to the groundbreaking series. Season two is filled with hot scenes, emotional arcs, and even some famous cameos!

You can binge seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix now!

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