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Listen to “Two Sentence Horror Stories” Creator Vera Miao on the Beyond the Scares: Emotional Catharsis & Healing in Horror ATX Television Episode

June 17, 2021

Vera Miao, creator, and guest writer/director of “Two Sentence Horror Stories” sits on an impressive panel for the ATX Television podcast episode Beyond the Scares: Emotional Catharsis & Healing in Horror. This episode covers: ‘The fundamental aim of Horror may be to thrill, spook, and scare — but like any genre, great horror can also transcend its conventions, providing a unique kind of emotional catharsis by serving as a “safe” space to process real-life fears and anxieties. Join the creatives behind TVs creepiest fare for a conversation about using horror/genre elements to subvert audience expectations, explore complex concepts like grief and trauma, and restore agency to characters that have traditionally been depicted as “victims.”‘

Among the other talented spooky panelists are:

Elizabeth Klaviter – Showrunner/Executive Producer of “Clarice”

Nick Antosca – Co-Creator/Showrunner/Executive Producer of “Brand New Cherry Flavor,” and Executive Producer of the “Chucky” series

Rebecca Breeds – Actor in “Clarice”

Angel Melanson – Host of Horror Girl Problems Podcast

Check out the 45 minute episode, and find out – Can Horror Heal?

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