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Special Season 2 has Announced its Return Date!

March 10, 2021

Special” Season 2 will be chic-er, longer, gayer! This season, episodes will be extended from 15 minutes to half an hour, we meet some new cast members, and get to experience a wonderful prom.

Mark your calendars and buckle up, the final round of 8 episodes will be released exclusively to Netflix on May 20th, 2021! But don’t fret, creator and star Ryan O’Connell says this isn’t it for him. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m not finished telling stories about disability. I’m not finished telling queer stories. This is really just a beginning of a new chapter, so hang tight, baby, I’m coming!”

You can binge Season 1 now on Netflix…and by our count, you can binge the whole season at least 1,000 times before Season 2 drops. Just saying!

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