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Learn More About What “Two Sentence Horror Stories” Is All About

February 11, 2021

“The [episode themes] can be complicated but eventually get distilled into a simple statement as each episode ends with two sentences (thus the title) that are both a recap and a commentary on what has just transpired.” … “It is really the hit at the end of each episode,” Levine says of the concerns over the two sentences. “The two sentences have to be perfect.””

KGET sat down (virtually) with our “Two Sentence Horror Stories” Producer Liz Levine to diver deeper into the series about it’s roots and the importance of the episode themes. While this series is a horror anthology, the themes are much more than just scary. The themes in each episode tackle very real situations and topics in our society, through the horror lens.

You can watch Season 1 now on Netflix! Season 2 will be coming to Netflix on February 24th, but for now you can stream our latest episodes on CWTV. Season 2’s finale airs on The CW on February 16th.

Season 3 is in the works!

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