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21 Underrated Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen and Can Stream Right Now

October 21, 2020

“While I hemmed and hawed around Greener Grass’ subgenre, Snatchers is truly a horror comedy. Its primary interest is to have a bloody good time and, lucky for us, it completely succeeds. The 2019 film follows high schooler Sara, who’s in the middle of shifting social groups when she loses her virginity to her boyfriend Skyler. The next day she wakes up a little too pregnant, and things go down a very weird, very visceral path from there. While the script is solid, the movie is made significantly better by the lead performance of Mary Nepi. No part of Snatchers takes itself seriously and the joy that went into making it is obvious on screen. And that joy, just like whatever is wrong with Sara, is very infectious.”

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Check Out "Special" Season 2 Trailer and Cameos!
May 1, 2021

Check Out "Special" Season 2 Trailer and Cameos!

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