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Four Stage 13 titles go to HBO Max in May 2020!

May 13, 2020

We’re so excited to announce that four of our titles are going to HBO Max this month! Two series, one film, and one WORLD PREMIERE of a never-before seen series! Learn more about each of the titles below:

Happily Ever Avatar‘ The world premiere! Follow these three couples who found love through a video game. Can these relationship n00bs level up their relationship status or will it be game over?

Independent‘ Four hip-hop artists hustling their way through the music world with no major record label. This series is about the hustle, the vision, and the American hip-hop dream.

Lipstick Empire‘ Two boss bitches taking over the beauty industry one lipstick at a time. The fast-paced, fans-first business keeps the co-CEOs busy balancing friendship, life, and the highly competitive beauty industry.

Snatchers‘ This is a horror comedy film about high schooler Sara, who has sex and wakes up pregnant 24 hours later…with an alien baby. Now she’ll have to team up with her ex-bff Hayley to fight the extraterrestrial threat and save the world.

Don’t miss out, HBO Max launches May 27th!

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