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Send Love Letters To Asian-Owned Restaurants w/ Stage 13

April 14, 2020

Have you been missing your favorite Asian restaurants while staying indoors? Do you want to help Asian-owned businesses get through the pandemic?

Look no further, because Stage 13—an award-winning studio under Warner Bros. Digital Networks—is helping you do both. Known for spotlighting local angles on national stories of interests, Stage 13 has been successful with “Family Style,” an online show produced by Asian-centric channel YOMYOMF, which features a group of food enthusiasts and different celebrities enjoying Asian goodies around a table. With the digital campaign #stage13supports, the studio wants to boost to-go orders from Asian restaurants and encourage viewers to share their own family style meals.

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Catch "Family Style" in Los Angeles Daily News

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How "Family Style" Completed A Second Season During a Pandemic
October 8, 2020

How "Family Style" Completed A Second Season During a Pandemic

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