10 Hilarious Things In It’s Bruno! Dog Owners Found Relatable

June 16, 2019

Is there anything better than the relationship between a man — or woman — and their beloved dog? If there is, most dog owners would be hard-pressed to think of what it could be. Many of us enjoy every aspect of a dog-centric existence, from caring for our favorite furry friends to keeping track of their many quirks and preferences.

Even though the dog in Netflix series It’s Bruno! is used as more of a plot device than a character in his own right (as any dog owner knows, dogs have well-developed personalities of their own), his owner Malcolm spends almost every waking minute with him. Malcolm is obsessed with giving Bruno the best life possible. And Bruno pays Malcolm back by just being his adorable self. Sound familiar? Here are 10 more things dog owners will relate to from It’s Bruno!


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