La Quinceanera | Stage 13

LALIFF Gives Latinos The Starring Role For A Change

June 20, 2018

Fifteen-year-old Alejandra Santos is about to celebrate becoming a woman, but the evening of her quinceañera will not be what she or anyone in her family expects. Her father is missing and a sinister figure from a Mexican cartel shows up at the celebration, threatening everyone with merciless, brutal violence.

A blood-splattering massacre ensues; in its aftermath the young girl and her abuela set out to get revenge, going on a rampage of their own that recalls Kill Bill with a little taste of El Mariachi and Machete dark humor for good measure. La Quinceañera is from a company called Luchagore Productions, known mostly for its horror films. It’s an uber-violent ride; raw and relentless yet reverent toward the culture and characters that provide its setting. It depicts a time-honored Mexican tradition, turns it on its head and leaves it for dead. Coco, this ain’t.


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