Chelo - High & Mighty - S1 E8 - Meep Meep

In Web Series “High & Mighty,” Jorge Diaz Plays an Unlikely Hero Who Gets Powers From Weed

January 23, 2018

The concept of web series High & Mighty is right in its title. Without knowing why (mystery is key to this show), protagonist Chelo suddenly finds that getting drunk or stoned makes him mighty: it gives him super powers. The series’ playful humor is clear from the outset: while any other superhero origin story might introduce you to its hero’s powers with a training montage or a scene about choosing an outfit to fight crime in, this one finds Chelo and his friends raiding his East LA family home for stuff they can break on his head to test his strength. A wrench? Sure! Bricks? Go for it! Car windows? Awesome! A potted plant? Bring it, man!


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