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A Reddit Thread Turned Into Socially Conscious Horror

October 30, 2017

“Horror gives us the permission to explore our most primal fears and deepest anxieties in a safe and hopefully, cathartic way,” said Vera Miao, creator of “Two Sentence Horror Stories,” a new short form anthology series based on the Reddit thread of the same name. The ambitious series uses genre to shed light on social issues such as racism, homophobia, cyber-bullying, and the pursuit of beauty. “Horror has such a strong track record in exploring social issues,” said Miao. “In this upside down political and social moment we’re in, no one can argue that monsters aren’t real.”

Miao initially got the idea for “Two Sentence Horror Stories” from a Reddit thread, which featured horror stories told in two sentences, many of which went viral. “They had a classic, campfire spooky story feel made possible by this new, digital space. They’re so evocative, my imagination would just go off,” she said.

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