Vera Miao

Vera Miao: The Horror May Be Brief But Brace For A Long Career

October 6, 2017

Vera Miao is fresh and new in every way, but don’t call her Gay or Lesbian.

“If you need to identify Vera can you please identify her as Queer?,” Stage 13’s publicist, Hanna Bolte, told me after the interview. Miao wanted to make sure I used the right moniker as we had talked about “openly gay” becoming my first name in the 90s and beyond as an Out man in media.

However this young lady wants to be identified the one clear thing is that she is part of an exciting new crop of Queer filmmakers bringing their voices, their visions to television, OTT and web; this time she is coming to light with the help of Warner Bros. Digital Networks brand Stage 13 and Verizon’s go90. So how did a nice working daughter of a Chinese immigrant mother (both Vera and mom were born in the USA) end up a show runner on one of the oldest and biggest film lots in the world?

Like most millennials, she found it online.

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