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Exclusive Clip From Two Sentence Horror Stories Might Make You Limp

April 26, 2017

We’re in the midst of the 2017 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival, which has premiered several wonderful films from a variety of genres. This Saturday at Cinépolis Chelsea 7 at 6pm EST is the World Premiere of the first episode of “Two Sentence Horror Stories”, an anthology horror series from Stage 13 and writer/director Vera Miao that adapts the viral Reddit concept. The idea is to create a horror story with only two sentences, the first of which sets up the story and the second offering the twist that changes everything.

The episode premiering this Saturday is called “Ma” and focuses on Mona, a young Chinese woman who lives at home with her mother. Stifled and desperate for some freedom, she begins to go her own way after meeting Erica, with whom an unmistakeable chemistry forms. However, Mona’s mother won’t let her go so easily and Erica may have gotten more than she bargained for…

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