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“I Love Bekka & Lucy” One of SXSW’s Most Exciting TV Shows

March 20, 2017

Jumping forward from a more “traditional” (read: lower-budget) DIY webseries model, I Love Bekka & Lucy—the first ever digital series to premiere in SXSW’s Episodic section—was brought to high-definition life by its gifted creator, writer and director, Rachael Holder. Holder’s sunny, giggly tale follows Bekka (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, terrific in fellow SXSW selection Gemini) and Lucy (Tanisha Long), two best-buddy Angelenos investigating all the usual millennial questions: How is sex with a paraplegic? Can you steal a bag of chips if you pretend it’s your love child? Far more than this description reveals, I Love Bekka & Lucy is an unrelenting joke machine that powerfully highlights the two talented actresses of color hamming it up at its center. It also, thankfully, refuses to reduce them to lust objects or layabouts, with Holder’s direction of rising stars Kennedy and Long consistently handy. And, best of all, the entire series will be bingeable in 100 minutes when it launches this year as part of Stage 13, Warner Brothers Entertainment’s digital content brand. It’s not hard to picture this becoming the next Broad City or High Maintenance, creative influences Holder wears blatantly on her sleeve.

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